About Us

Inspiring The Next Generation Of Healthcare Providers

Kist Medical College

KIST Teaching Hospital actively promotes and preserves the highest values and ethics in educating medical professionals of global standards, by creating a centre of excellence in medical education where the modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology equipment for specialized health care services are used. KIST Teaching Hospital has proved itself as one of the most popular learning places for health professions, students and faculty from within the nation & abroad.

Our Mission

The KIST Teaching Hospital will aggressively promote and preserve the greatest principles and ethics in medical education to produce global-standard medical professionals, as well as modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment for exceptional specialized health care in the region. Students and faculties of health professions education will find KIST Teaching Hospital to be one of their favored learning sites.

Excellence in holistic education, healthcare, and research will be used to develop competent, humane and compassionate healthcare practitioners. To operate as a self-contained Centre of Excellence dedicated to providing high-quality, specialized health-care services throughout the country, as well as to conduct research on important local health issues for the holistic development of community services and medical education

Our Vision